The charge: Reimagine The University of Alabama’s human resources systems to position our campus to prepare for the UA faculty and staff of tomorrow and provide our campus community with state-of-the-art HR services and programs.

The initiative brings together a cross-section of stakeholders from across the University to design a set of recommendations for enhancing our HR strategies, structures, services, programs, and systems. The HReimagined Team is charged with identifying HR best practices across higher education, reimagining our HR service delivery model and implementing the necessary changes. The new model will include all aspects of HR, including how and where HR services are provided, HR service quality, HR roles and responsibilities, HR processes, HR metrics, employment policies and practices, and HR technology and systems. The HReimagined Team will conduct its work in an inclusive, transparent, and collaborative manner.

Initiative Leadership

Matt Fajack, vice president for Finance and Operations, oversees the strategic direction of the HReimagined Team and provides senior level support to the effort, addressing critical questions and issues posed. Dean Kay Palan serves as the team leader, guiding the team’s key tasks and activities of the HReimagined Team and will be responsible for regularly communicating and updating campus stakeholders on the progress of the team’s activities.

HReimagined Team

The HReimagined Team is comprised of stakeholders from various academic and non-academic organizations across campus and is charged with developing a series of recommendations aimed at improving the overall quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of HR strategies, services, programs, and systems.

  • Kay Palan, dean, Culverhouse College of Commerce
  • Allison Drake, executive director of Advancement Services
  • Rainey Way, process improvement specialist, Finance and Operations
  • Nancy Whittaker, associate vice president for Human Resources
  • Melanie Danner, director of financial affairs, College of Communications & Information Sciences
  • Jimmy Vail, director of financial affairs, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Jonathon Halbesleben, dean, College of Continuing Studies
  • Travis Railsback, director, Human Resources
  • Laverne Harris, associate vice president, Finance & Operations Shared Administrative Services
  • Allison Jeffreys, assistant athletics director for human resources, Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Christine Taylor, vice president for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Chad Tindol, chief administrative officer
  • Darrell Hargreaves, representative for Professional Staff Assembly
  • Rona Donahoe, president, Faculty Senate
  • Angel Narvaez-Lugo, president, Office, Clerical & Technical Staff Assembly
  • Steven Hood, associate vice president, Student Life
  • Monica Watts, associate vice president for Communications
  • Russell J. Mumper, vice president for Research and Economic Development
  • James King Jr., professor of Management and Minnie Caddell Miles-Frank A. Rose Memorial Endowed C&BA Professorship of Leadership

Initiative Support

The initiative and the HReimagined Team received support from Sibson Consulting, a higher education consulting firm. Sibson has provided similar support for several large and complex colleges and universities. Sibson provided the team with project management, project facilitation, best practices knowledge sharing, and other support services as directed by the sponsor and the team leader. Additional support will be provided by Tacy Bolling, assistant to the vice president Finance and Operations.